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Kim’s Cleaning Services for all your Building Site Cleaning needs in Melbourne Whether you are looking to get a building site cleaned or an after builders cleaning, the professionals at Kim’s Cleaning Services can take care of all your cleaning

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If you are considering getting your building site cleaned in Melbourne, there’s no cleaning crew like the experts at Kim’s Cleaning Services. We provide you with the peace of mind you have forever wanted! With our experienced crew and the

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Builders Clean Melbourne

After Builders Cleaning Service

After Builders Cleaning in Melbourne by Kim’s Cleaning Services If you are looking for expert professional cleaners that help get your building ready to move in swiftly, without compromising on value, look no further than Kim’s Cleaning Services, Melbourne’s top

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The ONLY Solution you need to All Your After Building Cleaning Problems!

Our team of experienced cleaners do the job right!

Call us on (03) 9008 1922

Why Kim’s Cleaning Services is perfect for you?

If you are looking for a cleaning service that leaves the place looking less like a construction site and more like a finished building, come to Kim’s Cleaning Services in Melbourne, to get the job done perfectly!

We provide an extensive range of services to suit your commercial and after-construction needs, at prices that will not need you to break the bank! Our team of experts come with the kind of professional experience and skillset that is needed to finish the job impeccably, in one go.

No more postponing the opening of your building because of people who don’t know what they are doing. No more frustration over cleaning that is not to your requirements. At Kim’s Cleaning Services, we only have absolute professionals who maintain our superior standards of cleaning.

We know how crucial an after-builder’s clean is for your project and endeavour to accomplish the committed timelines and have everything spotless for you, giving you the peace of mind that you truly deserve.

We also clean up building sites so that you can relax and be assured that the mess left by the construction crew will be taken care off, by the Kim’s Cleaning Services team. We service the entire Melbourne area and can offer effort free quotes.

Once your contractors are done, and it is time for the cleaning experts to come in, get in touch with us at Kim’s Cleaning Services, so that we can assist you in getting that perfect, spotlessly clean building you need.

Why do you need the professionals at Kim’s Cleaning Services?

Often construction workers need to rush to finish the building within the specified timeline. Very often, construction may also get behind and extended beyond the agreed upon schedule, which means that work will be done hurriedly.

Rushed construction almost always means an increase in a messier work site. Because your construction crews will never clean up after themselves, it is imperative that you hire a team of professionals who bring years of cleaning experience with them.

The cleaning crew at Kim’s Cleaning Services will clean and polish the entire building so that you can hand over an absolutely stunning and clean building to your eventual tenants.

Can Kim’s Cleaning Services clean during construction?

Yes, absolutely we can!

We are able to offer builder cleaning services during the process of construction, so that the builder’s team that you have contracted to work for you, have a safe work site, that is free of any dangerous hazards.

At Kim’s Cleaning Services, we understand that builders and construction workers have their own dedicated tasks that they are masters at, and cleaning isn’t always their biggest priority! Hence, with Kim’s Cleaning Services, they can remain focused on their tasks, while we take over the cleaning needs of the building site.

A clean work site keeps any possible accidents to a minimum, so that the construction deadlines that you have been promised, can be adhered to. We make all of this possible and more. Give us a call and talk to our team of friendly experts, who will offer you the best possible rates in all of Melbourne.

Our prices are transparent, and we will often be able to give you rates that are more affordable than any of our competitors in all of Melbourne. Get in touch through our online form or give us a call on (03) 9008 1922 to ask us how we can help!

Kim’s Cleaning Services and our process

The crew at Kim’s Cleaning Services have decades of professional building site cleaning experience. We know how immensely significant a clean job site is. Not only does it avoid job site accidents, but it also supports your construction crew in adhering to construction deadlines that are so critical.

We also appreciate how fundamentally essential it is to be able to provide a clean building to your eventual tenants, which is why we also specialize in after construction cleaning.

In both pre- and post-construction cleaning, we adhere to the strictest of cleaning standards, so that you can be assured of getting your money’s worth when you hire Kim’s Cleaning Services.

Our experts will take care of all your cleaning necessities, including deep cleaning of all bathrooms, shower areas, toilets etc. We also ensure that all floor, wall and other surfaces, such as kitchen counters etc in residential projects are polished till you can almost see your reflection in them!

When it comes to windows, no one can clean them better than the team at Kim’s Cleaning Services. We promise all window surfaces will be spotless after we’re done, including the glass pane itself, window ledges, tracks, metal frames, and windowsills, etc.

Everyone knows that contractors and tradesmen may construct the building to the best standards, but they aren’t always the neatest or tidiest when it comes to paint splashes or even leaving plaster marks on random surfaces.

At Kim’s Cleaning Services, we can take care of these ugly marks for you, leaving you with buildings and job sites that are perfect and spotless, a true vision to behold! Don’t believe us? Get in touch and ask us for client testimonials from our past clients, including some of the most well-known brands and firms of Melbourne!

We can also take over cleaning of the interiors of commercial buildings and windows of commercial buildings and are able to achieve results that are certain to leave you content!

If you want your building to be cleaned, post construction, and you want to hire a team that takes care of all your cleaning needs, without you having to constantly fret about whether the job is going to be taken care of to your approval, come to Kim’s Cleaning.

We know the ins and outs of how to do an after builders cleaning! With our 3-step cleaning procedure, which begins with a full, in-depth clean and concludes at polishing and recleaning of all surfaces, you know that you can believe in us to do a great job for you.

Does Kim’s Cleaning Services also clean Residential Properties?

Yes, Kim’s Cleaning Services can also clean your residential properties and buildings too!

Has your residential building finally finished being constructed? Have the builders and multiple contractors finally left and handed you the keys? Have they left the place in utter disarray and there’s no way that you can let your tenants to move in without having the building cleaned first?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions, you understand that you require a team who will get the building cleaned to your requirements, without wasting any precious time.

With most newly constructed buildings, builders will have leave traces of construction materials, such as paint and caulking on the floors or walls. It is clear that the building will have to be given an exhaustive deep clean before your eventual tenants can be allowed to move in.

The team at Kim’s Cleaning Services will do all of this cleaning and more. With years of experience in commercial cleanings for multiple clients across Melbourne, we have the knowledge and the skills that are required while undertaking such massive projects.

We will remove all leftover splashes of paint from windows, walls and ceilings. Any debris or trash will be removed completely from the building by our team and will be disposed off safely.

We will also give the windows of the building a deep clean, starting from the pane itself, to the metal frame and windowsill. The external side of the building’s windows will also be thoroughly cleaned and polished, so that the building looks absolutely spotless!

When it comes to the cleaning of the building interiors, our cleaning experts bring with them an eye for the smallest of details, which means that even the littlest surfaces, such as individual light switchboards and fixtures will be carefully cleaned and polished, so that each surface shines.

Kim’s Cleaning will also methodically clean all floors of grout and dirt, leaving bathrooms and tiled surfaces looking like the gleaming, new surfaces that they are.

For floors with wall-to-wall carpeting, we use special steaming methods to clean and get out any blemishes or residual marks left by the construction team. For wooden or hard floor surfaces, we first vacuum clean and follow this up with buffing and shining the surfaces.

Not only does this guarantee that the building is clean, but it also goes a long way in conserving the quality of the floors and the materials used in the construction of the building.

Does Kim’s Cleaning Services also help clean After Renovations?

Renovations can get chaotic and having a professional cleaning team handle it for you can help prevent things from becoming even more complicated.

Kim’s Cleaning Services will deal with all your after renovations cleaning so that you can rest, knowing that the pros are on your side!

Whether it is your kitchen that has been recently renovated or your bathroom, or even your entire house, builders and contractors are not exactly known for leaving things spotless! Let’s face the facts, after all the restorations are done, the bathroom or kitchen walls will still have those ugly, random paint marks, the shower cubicle might still have plaster splashes and the tiled or marble floors might still need to be polished.

In such situations, we know that you don’t have a moment to waste, because you’re still going to be living in the house! Contact us for a fuss free quote now, so that we can get going and take over your after-renovation cleaning requirements for your beautiful Melbourne home.

We also clean furnished homes and will polish your furniture that needs to be cleaned too. We will leave your home looking immaculate and flawless, just the way you need it to be.

With the modern, state of the art cleaning gear that we have, you can be certain that your home will be cleaned to the highest standards of our experts have. Your home will be treated with respect and will be cleaned more thoroughly than you could ever dream of.

No Obligation Quotes from Kim’s Cleaning

We recognise that sometimes you need an urgent clean without any time wasting. For time-pressed deadlines or cleaning requirements, give us a call on (03) 9008 1922 so that we can give you a no obligation quote. Once you agree and the necessary papers are signed, our cleaning experts can immediately begin work on your crucial project!

For any other larger buildings, once you get in touch with us, we can come and inspect your property at a mutually convenient time and then suggest a quote. We guarantee you, and once you see our quote, you will know that our rates are extremely competitive, and we offer a high value for money.

Without further ado, give us a call today, so that we can get started on offering you our world-class services that we are famous for in all of Melbourne. Contact us through our site here.