Established in 2001, Our company has rapidly evolved from a single person operation to an organization that employs over 20 cleaners. We provide a wide range of services across Melbourne, from cleaning building sites to cleaning commercial and residential buildings.

Owned by Tim Withers, we began as a little cleaning setup in Melbourne but have gained extensive experience in the commercial cleaning industry. As demand for our services increased, partly because of the impressive results we were able to deliver for our customers, we have grown bigger and better over time. Keep our standards and work ethic high, we have a long list of satisfied clients all over Melbourne.

With more than 20 years of experience in the commercial cleaning sector, we are far from the typical house cleaners who do not have the know-how or the gear to take on large commercial or residential building cleans. Infact, cleaning construction sites and large scale commercial and residential buildings forms a huge part of our expertise.

We have amazing, 5-star recommendations from our customers, who will guarantee the extraordinary standards of cleanliness we set for our entire crew. None of the typical quick spray and wipe kind of cleaning! We respect our work and clean with the kind of commitment that is rare in today’s world.

Why Choose Us

Because we have been part of the commercial cleaning industry for this long, over 20 years to be precise, our crew members come with the necessary skillset needed to tackle large scale projects such as commercial building cleaning or even live construction site cleaning.

We use the latest machines and technology that make it easier and safer for our crew to deliver the stellar results that our customers anticipate from our Cleaning Services.

Our free, zero obligation quotes are custom made after taking into account your requirements. After all, every project is special, and we appreciate that. We also offer complimentary site inspections, through which we are able to deliver detailed quotes and cost breakdowns. We do not believe in increasing quoted fees with “benefits” that may not even apply to the job you want us to do.

No matter what the job, we are always able to make a plan to solve the problem and get the job done in a timely manner. We know how vital it is for us to be flexible for our customers. This is why we take on tasks that need results on a tight timeline.

There are many reasons why Our company have a name that means quality and assured premium results. We are a team that does not say the task is completed until the customer is satisfied with the outcome attained.

Get in touch with us at (03) 9008 1922 or via the online form and ask us how we can help clean your commercial or residential building and get it tenant ready fast!

The ONLY Solution For All Your After Building Cleaning Needs in Melbourne!

The Vision We Hold for Our Cleaning Services

With over 20 years of experience, We are proud to be one of Melbourne’s top commercial cleaning companies. Over time, as we continue to make a name for ourselves, our vision of becoming Melbourne’s most famous cleaning crew has turned into a reality that is a source of pride for us.

Our company is proud to be a commercial cleaning company that employs only the best, so that you know that you are getting value for the money you pay us to keep your construction site or building clean. The vision we hold for ourselves is based on the foundation of having an exceptional amount of dedication to the jobs we take on.

Be it a live construction site or a commercial/residential building, we aim to be your first choice as cleaners. Our past and present clients have made us who we are today, and our vision is to continue to deliver to our existing and future Melbourne clientele, experienced, highly trained and skilled cleaners who get the task done to superior standards in a least amount of time.

Our Core Values

One of our primary values is honesty. We pride ourselves on the services we offer, and continuously seek achieve better results.

Under-delivering when it comes to the results that our clients expect from us is simply not in our DNA. Perhaps this is why we can boast of such a long list of happy customers. Call us on (03) 9008 1922 and ask us for client testimonials today!

We are proud to be absolutely upfront and reliable in all our business dealings. We do not increase costs to you with needless add-ons that do not even match the requirements of the site.

Our employees go through a strict assessment before we hire them. We believe in offering people a chance, especially with folks who have not been the most privileged. Hence, we frequently train and attempt to upskill, so that they may have the opportunity of a steady job and an improved life. This is our means of giving back to Melbourne’s wonderful community.

We treat everybody with the same regard and consideration that we expect others to give us and our staff.

Our Commitment to Our Clients

When we take on a job, we always give it our all. This is our wholehearted commitment to you.

As a customer of our company, you will always be treated with the utmost regard and respect. Your approval of the results we produce is our priority. We only believe the job is done when you are satisfied.

We are dedicated to raising our already high standards with each project we take on. Get in touch TODAY to talk to one of our cleaning professionals to see how we can help clean your building or construction site!

The ONLY Solution For All Your After Building Cleaning Needs in Melbourne!