After Builders Cleaning Service

After Builders Cleaning in Melbourne by Kim’s Cleaning Services

If you are looking for expert professional cleaners that help get your building ready to move in swiftly, without compromising on value, look no further than Kim’s Cleaning Services, Melbourne’s top commercial cleaning crew. We provide a huge variety of cleaning services to match all your cleaning requirements.

Each crew member gives their best to your project and possess decades of cleaning experience in the construction industry. With all the requisites insurances in place, you can be assured that only the best Melbourne cleaning crew will be taking care of cleaning your building to get it set for your eventual tenants. Learn more about us here.

Why do you need the professionals at Kim’s Cleaning Services?

At Kim’s Cleaning Services, we are admired for the impressive benchmarks we set for ourselves. No two sites are alike, and no one recognises this more than our professional cleaning experts.

Builders, contractors and foremen may be complete authorities at their specialised job areas, but since they are often required to complete huge construction projects on a firm targeted timeline, keeping high cleaning standards is not the foremost priority on their mind.

This is why it is crucial for you to hire an after builders cleaning crew that will do the task perfectly in the shortest period of time. There is nothing more frustrating than hiring a cleaning team, only to get to know too late in the day that their understanding of cleaning is glaringly different to what you expect.

With our large number of previous clients and their glowing testimonials (that we gladly provide on request), you can be satisfied that you are taking on a professional team that has the know-how on how to deal with substantial large-scale jobs.

Our record of satisfied customers includes some of Melbourne’s most flourishing and well-known firms. Our vast experience has given us the practical skillset to get the job done perfectly, the first time around, and within the most strict of timelines!

What Do We Do as Part of The After Builders Cleaning?

After the contractors and tradespeople have left, then begins the actual job of making the building “move in ready”.

With the construction crew wanting to complete the building’s construction on schedule, the need for intense cleaning of both the building’s interiors and exteriors becomes unavoidable.

As part of the After Builders’ Cleaning, the experts of Kim’s Cleaning Crew will get rid of all remaining imperfections and splashes of paint, plaster and cement from surfaces, including the walls and ceilings of the building rooms.

Any construction dust, common after the cutting, sawing, drilling etc, will be removed by our expert cleaning crew members, using our state-of-the-art cleaning gear. Any fine particles of debris will be removed too.

In case the building is a residential project, and contains multiples bathrooms, toilets and shower spaces, we will make sure that these areas are cleaned of any remaining paint marks. Dirty glass shower panels will be thoroughly deep cleaned, so that the glass is blemish free and is polished.

Where the building has any tiled areas, walls or floors, Kim’s Cleaning Services will also clean the tiles and eradicate any excess accumulated dirty grout.

With windows or glass surfaces, our cleaning crew is the best, city wide! Not only will our crew clean and polish the interior glass panes, window frames and window tracks, but will also polish the exterior glass surfaces of the building, leaving the face of the building looking absolutely spotless.

All cupboards, shelves and closets will be polished clean, and all dust and grit will be done away with. Door handles and all window fixtures will be thoroughly deep cleaned to eradicate all leftover dust or dirt.

Our crew members will also dust and polish any skirting and any stains on the walls of the building’s interiors. Balconies and any balustrades will also be dusted and wiped thoroughly to remove all traces of spots.

If the floors have wall-to-wall carpeting, the team will vacuum thoroughly to get rid of any residual construction dust particles. We are also able to steam clean carpeting, if requested or is necessary.

Any remaining trash or debris will be taken from the building and be safely disposed.

With a sharp eye for detail, our professionals will also clean small surfaces like individual light switches or fixtures, so that we take care of everything needed to bring your building to a superb condition.

Trust us at Kim’s Cleaning Services

The professionals of Kim’s Cleaning Services are your best bet when it comes to matters of after building cleaning! We bring with us many years of experience doing commercial, after builders cleaning, and possess the know-how, to get your building move in ready as soon as possible!

Whether the job you want done is a multi-level commercial property complete with retail and hospitality spaces, or it is a large-scale residential building, we possess the competence and the skills to clean vast spaces and deliver consistently impressive results that will beat what you expect from us!

Our philosophy of delivering amazing results and not stopping until the customer is completely satisfied with the results is what has got us so far. The high bar of trustworthiness that we have set for ourselves has earned us a loyal list of clients who return to us, irrespective of the size of the job.

Each of our crew is a thorough pro, with years of experience cleaning commercial projects. With every required insurance in place, we take every conceivable precaution to make sure that only the best work on your building job.

Get in touch with us now and talk to us about your after builders cleaning needs. We provide both in-person site inspections and phone estimates that are completely fuss free and come with zero obligation to the client.

We are deemed the best in Melbourne, and we invite you to find out all the reasons why!