Construction Cleaning

Professional Construction Cleaning in Melbourne

When it is a question of construction cleaning in Melbourne, Kim’s Cleaning Services leads the way. With more than 20 years of professional experience, each team member of ours is completely insured and delivers a strong cleaning skill set that permits us to get the task done flawlessly in the initial shot. Ask us more about the services we provide, including cleaning building sites and after builders cleaning.

When we started our company in the commercial cleaning industry, our main aim was to become a business that inspired confidence and complete trustworthiness. After more than 20 years of experience of cleaning countless large-scale commercial and residential projects, we can proudly say that Kim’s Cleaning Services is now famous for a cleaning squad that steps in and gets the job done. Find out more about our company here.

Our team members know precisely what to do, and the extraordinary standards we set are accomplished no matter how close the deadline, or how large the scale of the job! If this describes the team you want to clean your construction site, give us a call on (03) 9008 1922 or get in touch via the website here.

Cleaning Construction Sites in Melbourne

Kim’s Cleaning Services knows construction sites better than anyone in Melbourne. We know that a live job site can be messy and unpredictable. At any time, there are sure to be multiple workers and builders on site, racing to complete the construction on schedule.

In times like these, you surely don’t want an inexperienced crew that is does not know commercial construction cleaning like the back of their hand. Most cleaning companies might be exceptionally good at residential or small-scale cleaning, but do not have the proficiency needed to take control of the cleaning of a live construction site.

So many times, there have been clients who call in the crew of Kim’s Cleaning Services to take over from another company because they were simply incapable of coping with the sheer scale of the task! Don’t let this be your horror story too. Do not waste more time employing more inexperienced teams who do would not know how to clean construction sites to save their lives!

Instead, hire the specialists of Kim’s Cleaning Services to begin it right for you, without you having constant anxiety over the state of your job site. With us, there’s no need to worry that you won’t get your money’s worth! There are so many reasons why we are so valued throughout Melbourne. We invite you to find your reason to hire the experts at Kim’s Cleaning Services today!

Why do you need to get Construction Site Cleaning done?

There are several reasons why most builders and project developers opt for cleaning to be done while construction of the building is on. Several of these reasons may have widespread financial consequences for you. They may also affect live construction schedules.

Simply put, the cleaner the job site, the safer it is. A frequently cleaned site is also simpler to clean once the builders are finished, which makes your building ready to move in faster. Without massive amounts of accumulated dirt and debris, after builders cleaning becomes far quicker to finish!  

On a live construction site, workers are constantly exposed to multiple hazards that may cause accidents and unwanted injuries. These accidents may often delay the project, especially if the tradesperson’s job is a highly skilled one that cannot be replaced at the drop of a hat!

On a construction site, dangers such as scrap materials, protruding nails or even rubbish that has not been disposed off can cause mishaps such as slipping, falls, and even nasty wounds and bruises.

With the wide practical, industry experience that our experts have, the crew at Kim’s Cleaning Services can put together a cleaning schedule that will eliminate these concerns for you, without you having to break a sweat!

Get in touch with us today to ask us how we can clean your building site for you at an honest, competitive price!

What is usually included in Construction Site Cleaning?

You are already familiar with the numerous accidents that may take place on a site that is not often cleaned. This is one of the reasons why we make a carefully considered cleaning schedule for your construction site. We do this after we are able to check the job site for what kind of cleaning needs to be done.

Our transparency means that you know exactly what you are paying us for, with no doubts about any cryptic charges or extra costs that many companies try to include to amplify costs. At Kim’s Cleaning Services, honesty in dealing with customers is one of our core principles. This is how we have been successful in developing respect and a lasting relationship with all our past customers!

While no two job sites are alike, generally speaking of inclusions in our building site cleaning, we sweep the job site regularly and clean up any debris. This prevents the accumulation of the rubbish and trash that is common at every job site.

We will also gather any waste or remains, and scrap materials left on site. This will be thrown away safely, getting rid of the possibility of the accumulation of rubbish, and also minimising accidents such as trips and slips.

If you like the sound of what we’ve described, get in touch through our website here or call us on (03) 9008 1922 to speak to one of our expert cleaners.

We can help with two kinds of quotes. The first one is where we will take details of the job site from you over the phone and give you an estimation of costs. The other option is where schedule a site visit and give you a detailed quote once we have inspected the construction site.

Tell us which one you would prefer so that we can get going on this straight away! Get the best cleaners running your construction site cleaning! Call us today!